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Easy to use

DCXchange is designed with user friendly concept which will suit to everyone.


DCXchange is concerned on the security of the system and technology to safeguard our members’ fund.


DCXchange provide a world class business model which includes the provision of a liquidity provider which quotes buy and sell price on a continuous basis to help maintain the liquidity in the market.

Competitive Cost

DCXchange is offered with low spread and commission which gives our members an advantage in trade.

Quick Transactions

DCXchange provide unique wallet to each members for the ease on transferring from other platforms.

Live Chat Support

DCXchange can be contacted from our live chat customer services on the business office hours GMT+8.

How It Works

DCXchange is a platform designed for DC owners to trade in this market. Members able to exchange their DC in DCXchange under proper licensed and regulated services and securities act.

Frequently Asked Questions

DC will utilised under Dyna Chain Blockchain system which conclude within the ecosystem.

DC can be acquired from every purchase from our DCemall.com.

DCXchange provide a top class security to ensure all our members digital assets in safe with DCXchange.

DCXchange is In exercise of the powers conferred by section 92(3) of the Labuan Financial Services and Securities act 2010, the Labuan Financial Services Authority hereby grants a license to Credit Token business.

DC is just offer to DC community member only and not offer to Public yet.